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Jeff Scholes  Buying in Los Montesinos

Two years ago we started the process of finding our new home in the Alicante region. We still hadn’t sold our property so everything was very tentative, and we still had a lot of decisions to make.

At that point we did what a lot of people do: search the internet, find a few possibilities and then contact some local agents. One of the agents we contacted was Camerons, and pretty soon it became clear that the service they offer was different from the others.

Rob took the time to actually listen to us. You’d think that was one of the basics that agents would need to do, but some of others seemed keen to tell us how great their proposed properties were, rather than truly find out what we wanted. The attention to detail that Camerons showed at these early stages gave us confidence that they were likely to be a good team to support us.

Our sale took longer than we had hoped; over two years, but Rob struck the right balance of keeping in touch without pressuring us. When we did get a sale, the Camerons team sprang into action.

Again, they confirmed in detail what we were looking for. They found out what our ideal home would include, what type of area it would be in, and also what we wanted to avoid. Once we had a short-list, they arranged a viewing day, which was when we met Rebeca.

Straight away it was clear that Rebeca had done her research. Her friendly and professional input helped confirm what we wanted from our new home.

Spanish buyers will know that just as in the UK, there is a lot involved in the process. Camerons guided us through each step perfectly. They offered guidance and options, and suggested potential professionals for us to engage with; always supportive but never taking over. The people they suggested all worked in the same professional manner as Camerons.

We have now been in our new home 2 months, and still Cameron’s have been there in the background ready to offer support if needed.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Rob, Rebeca and the team at Camerons to anyone setting off on the exciting and challenging journey that is buying a home in Spain.